Cardiac Consultation

Your Cardiac Consultation

Alongside offering the very best diagnostics and treatments for your heart concerns, we are fully dedicated to making your experience at the London Heart Practice as comfortable as possible.

You may expect the following process for your cardiac consultation with us:


Make an appointment




Cardiac investigations


Management plan

1. Make an appointment

Please call or message us and our team will arrange an appointment.

2. Consultation

Our main consulting rooms are at 78 Harley street. We offer both face to face and remote consultations. During the initial consultation we will spend time with to you to find out about your cardiac health.

3. Cardiac investigations

We work closely with leading cardiac imaging experts and will guide you through any test that needs to be undertaken. If required we can arrange for you to have cardiac MRI scans or cardiac CT scans. The majority of the tests we offer can be carried out at 78 Harley Street.

4. Discussion of personalised management plan

We will discuss the findings of your tests with you in person and based on the results will create a management plan, including any treatments that may be required.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.